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Sealweld Professional Valve Technicians specialize in maintaining and sealing lubricated valves and actuators. In the past few years our service department personnel have helped save clients over 1 billion dollars by preventing costly shutdowns and unplanned outages.

Our services department maintains Master Service Agreements with many of the world’s largest oil & gas producers, pipeline operators and distributors. We are registered on ISNetworld, Canqual and other contractor management providers.

Sealweld does not sell valves or maintain a valve repair facility. Our focus in to simply help keep your valves in-line for as long as possible and to avoid costly shutdowns.

Our specialty is helping you realise the full potential life span for all of your critical service valves.

  • In factory pre-delivery inspection
  • New valve commissioning during construction and commissioning
  • Valve seal verification prior to hand over
  • Annual valve maintenance contracts
  • Actuator installation, maintenance and minor repairs
  • Sealing valve stem leaks, seat leaks, body leaks, flange leaks, fitting leaks
  • Maintaining an emergency seal for the duration of the critical outage
  • Transferring our technology to your operations and field personnel
  • In-line ultrasonic leakage measurement