Sealant Injection Pumps, Tools, and Equipment

Sealweld® Mongoose

The patented Sealweld® Mongoose is a small frame-mounted manual injection pump.  It features one of the quickest lock and release caps in the industry, making refilling fast and easy.  Weighing in just under 40lbs, the Mongoose can be picked up and moved using the carry handles, but with the optional magnetic wheel assembly, the Mongoose can be carted around quickly from one valve to another in the plant or the field.  


  • Generates up to 10,000 PSI injection pressure when required
  • Features an 1/8th turn, lock and release head cap, saving the technician time and energy when refilling the pump
  • Comes with an industry leading foot pump, minimizing the number of pumps required to discharge 1 ounce of product
  • Features a 6 foot 10,000 PSI sealant hose assembly, complete with swivels, 15,000 PSI gauge and giant button-head coupler
  • Has two positioned handle slots, if the technician wishes to pump by hand while on a tailgate or on the ground
  • Designed to use either stick or cartridge grease products
  • Optional accessories: magnetic wheel assembly

Optional magnetic wheel assembly

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