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Sealweld Cyclone Tank Model APL06

The Sealweld® Cyclone Tank is recommended for use when blowing down natural gas valve body cavities during normal valve servicing to capture liquids.

Connect the cyclone tank's high-pressure hoses to the body vent or blow-down assembly. The cyclonic action will separate gas and liquids – the tank will collect the various liquids associated with the transportation of natural gas including gas liquids, water, condensate and compressor/turbine oil. Take the oil to a recycling depot and test it for contamination. Recycle the clean oil and send the contaminated product to the nearest hazardous waste disposal site.

The tank is NOT a pressure vessel – ALL gas pressure is vented to atmosphere through the 4" vent cap on the top.

The Sealweld® Cyclone Tank comes complete, as illustrated, with all necessary piping, baffles and valves including a sight glass/level indicator.

Complete with; 2 x connectable hoses (1" ID x 20 foot, 2,000 PSI high-pressure), 1" forged steel union and 1" 2,000 PSI full-port shut-off valve.

Includes: 7 foot hinged stack extension, 2" drain valve, and optional grounding cable. (Specifications or requirements must be provided according to your company policy)

This unit comes finished with black enamel painting.