Sealant Injection Pumps, Tools, and Equipment

Sealweld ACTIV-8®

Sealweld ACTIV-8® is the favorite pump of professional valve technicians. The ACTIV-8® is capable of drawing product directly from a 10 pound can and is capable of running on compressed air, bottled air or natural gas in an emergency.*
  • Generates up to 10,000 PSI injection pressure when required
  • Controls the quantity of lubricant/sealant being injected; prevents over-lubrication
  • Rugged steel frame and pneumatic tires make this pump ideal for field and plant work
  • Air/hydraulic motor is powered by compressed air, bottled air or natural gas
  • Simple design makes field repairs quick and easy
  • Delivers lubricant/sealant at up to 1 pound every 70 seconds
  • High speed action cuts valve maintenance time by up to 75% on large diameter valves and at facilities with many valves
  • Patented ACTIV-8® delivers valve cleaners, lubricants and sealants faster than any other pump on two wheels
  • High-speed action and 10 pound (5 quart) capacity makes this pump ideal for pipelines and large plants
  • Complete with 10 foot sealant hose, swivels and coupler. 15,000 PSI gauge and guard is also standard equipment. Longer hoses are available on request
  • Built-in air filter/lubricator system
  • Each pump comes complete with an owner's manual and an 8 minute DVD describing safe operating procedures